I'm always happy to hear your comments on my site so please feel free to get in touch. I am a very busy man, but I will reply to all emails apart from those which fall into the following categories:

1. Enquiries and questions specific to your own Midi setup problems (eg..I can't get midi thru to work from my computer when in performance mode .. etc etc)
2. How do I get your patches to work? ... I will only answer questions to do with problems unzipping/downloading the files I have provided - questions to do with editors, connections to your PC, how to send the patches to your machine etc etc must be dealt with yourself ... my links section has many links to JV/XP editors which give you all the information you need ... This is probably the most common request I get - my only advice to you is to learn how to use the patches and your machinery yourself .. that is how I did it and it is the best way to do it ...
3. Any other questions to do with the architecture of the JV or XP series of machines that can be answered by referring to your user manual.
4. Who is this Andy Slater guy? What kind of Music does he make?? .... have a look at http://www.electrodiesel.net for the answers!! and of course send any comments you have on to me!!
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