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The Electrodiesel studio - aka Burst Laboratories

sound sources

Roland JV1080 : Yamaha AN1x : Yamaha CS5
Roland Juno 1 : Yamaha CS1x : Roland JP8000
Quasimidi-Technox : Roland MDC1 : Roland JX3P
Novation Bass-Station : Akai SG01v : Peavey Guitar
Bass Guitars (2)

mixing / monitoring

Behringer Eurodesk : Spirit Absolute 2 Monitors
Roland MA30 Mini Monitors : Alesis RA100 Amp

effects / outboard

Alesis Midiverb 4 : Alesis Quadraverb+
Behringer Autocom : Behringer Virtualizer
Behringer Ultrafex II : Behringer Exiter : Zoom 9030

recording / other equipment

Sony DTC690 DAT : Sony MZR35 Minidisc : 2 x PC & CDR
Terratec EWS88 S/card : MOTU MicroExpress : Cubase VST
Rebirth RB338 v2.1 : Aiwa ADF-450 Cassette : Aiwa CD Player
Alesis MMT8 Sequencer : Iomega Zipdrives : Herbal Tea

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